We are a leading, independent Scottish beef processing company recognised in the industry for exacting standards and all-round excellence.

We enjoy a sizeable share of the Scottish beef cattle market. We guarantee a fully integrated supply chain and deliver best quality Scottish beef to a loyal, discerning customer base that receives the highest levels of service and support.

Our senior operations team have backgrounds that encompass farm ownership and management, livestock auctioning, government legislation, food science and cattle procurement – all of which helps to ensure we produce the best quality beef. We deliver the best in beef.

Each of our customers benefits from a designated key account manager with whom they have continual personal contact. Through this point of contact they have access to the range of resources we provide, including expertise in procurement, finance, production, supply chain, forecasting and market trends.

Our reputation is underpinned by a stable business that enjoys solid financial strength. Our independent status also means we’re flexible and fleet of foot and able to make decisions swiftly; like investing in new plant or new technology. 

All of which greatly benefits our customers, for although our values are based on the traditions of the land, our response to the industry is always customer-focused and forward thinking.


Best in Service

Service at Stoddart’s is both the icing on the cake of expertise and the glue that holds the company and its customers and supply partners together.


We are happy to have Stoddart's as a supplier who delivers what we agree every single time, and for that reason they are the Best in Beef.

Job & Wim Goedegebuur, Goedegebuur, Netherlands