Best in Quality

The name Stoddart’s has become synonymous with the best in beef.


“We recognise our success depends entirely
on us attracting, developing, and retaining talented people”

Once you enter into employment with us we are interested in investing in you for the long term. You will be supported to build your skills and capabilities through continuous training, professional and personal development. We want you to feel fully equipped to meet the challenges of your role, and make the most of any opportunities that come your way.

As our business grows, the range of new opportunities is increasing, giving you access to more varied job and careers opportunities. Join a great team - we have 240 people who work closely together with the aim of ensuring Stoddart’s remains the 'Best in Beef’.

For details of all current vacancies, click here.

Supporting Young People in the Workplace

Stoddart's is a proactive supporter of youth employment. The following guide has been created in order to assist young people who are seeking employment opportunities: Gaining_Employment_-_A_Guide_for_Young_People.pdf.


We are happy to have Stoddart's as a supplier who delivers what we agree every single time, and for that reason they are the Best in Beef.

Job & Wim Goedegebuur, Goedegebuur, Netherlands