Best in Innovation

Innovation at Stoddart's is not limited to new product development. When we say we’re forward thinking we really are.


"We are proud of the Stoddart family's long-standing connections with beef production.
But we're certainly not constrained by tradition."


We respond to changing patterns in consumption and even look to anticipate them. Our independence means we are flexible to our customers needs and the ever-changing market. This doesn't just include the product we supply but also the packaging we use, logistics we provide and our customer-focussed business approach.

Stoddart's has a strong Product Development ethos and we constantly develop our chilled and frozen product range capabilities to meet consumer demand.

Our open dialogue with our customers has been influential in becoming synonymous with the best in beef. We repeatedly show our readiness to move with the times. We've developed private label and own-label brands for our customers, launched many added-value lines and continue to research and develop new lines and processes.

Our specialist butchery teams prepare product for retail, food service and wholesale markets. We also deliver ready-for-use product to food manufacturers of ready meals. In our further processing site our core preparations include - but are not limited to – sliced and diced beef packs, various burgers and minced beef. All products can be supplied chilled or free-flow frozen, ready to cook with convenience in mind.

We like to think that our range of skills demonstrates our 'can-do' approach.


Stoddart's is a valued and trusted supplier. The excellent service and quality which is offered by Stoddart's is a must for Strathmore Foods.

William Ferguson, Buyer, Strathmore Foods Limited