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Innovation at Stoddart's is not limited to new product development, from frozen burgers to new packaging formats this is an area of innovation our customers will be familiar with.

Equally our supply partners benefit through innovations in Customer Relationship Management. We're also committed to innovation behind the scenes. When we say we’re forward thinking we really are.

We're always looking over the hill forecasting what the future holds for the industry.Our commitment to continuous improvement is evident in all areas of our operation.

We're constantly looking to further integrate the different aspects of the business.

The aim is quite simple: to continuously improve productivity, quality and customer service so that we provide the 'best in beef' year in year out.


Innovations with procurement

We’ve always encouraged innovation at our abattoir. We’ve a longstanding open door policy that enables farmers to witness the humane handling of their cattle.

We also provide our farmers with post-mortem health data and have introduced an up-to-the-minute information hub for their benefit.

Our new web-based production-benchmarking tool in the abattoir further enhances quality control. 

Innovations with product  

Our knowledge of animal musculature and unique butchery skills has enabled us to add value to our customers through delivering product innovation.

Our sliced and diced beef packs, frozen burgers and free-flow mince products are all a response to the convenience market without any compromise of quality. 

This expertise and quest for excellence extends to recipe development, which we undertake with key customers. 

Innovations with people and processes 

At all our plants we’re forever on the lookout for opportunities to add value within our business practice. We support leadership development courses to create well-rounded leaders with a good understanding of our supply chain.

We also champion apprenticeships and on-going training. Passing on our collective knowledge to our workforce and young people joining the industry is of vital importance.

On the process side we recycle waste products wherever possible.  Within our sales and planning department we’ve introduced a state-of-the art stock tracker.

This manages the volume of stock so we can quickly update our customers on the availability of products.

One of the rewards for continuous improvement is acknowledgement by the industry. 

We are certified Grade A by the BRC (British Retail Consortium) global standards and are approved to supply the major retailers, wholesalers and food service suppliers.

We’re delighted with that. But you’ll never see us resting on our laurels. 

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