Best in Knowledge

'Best in beef' relies on being 'best in knowlege'. From farming to animal husbandry, through abattoir procedure to highly skilled butchery, we are.


We've built a knowledge of beef processing that enables us to deliver the exact cut in the exact quantity whenever our customers want it. 

At the same time we’re always up to speed with industry and market trends. This allows us to innovate with product and assist our customers achieve their objectives.  

And strong relationships with account managers mean our customers get regular insights into the market, quality assurance, forecasting and much else which they wouldn’t easily find elsewhere.

Knowledge of product

We buy the best and we sell the best. Our knowledge of beef cattle along with our butchery expertise means we can provide any cut of beef to the highest quality.

Our products include primal cuts and further processed product through to fifth quarter cuts.

A detailed knowledge of which muscles are best for which product means we excel at new product development. 

We share this knowledge with our customers through our key account managers, who were either once butchers themselves or have extensive meat industry experience.

Knowledge of market

We constantly monitor industry trends as they impact on both our farmers and customers. As a result we are able to identify opportunities.

We look at changing consumer trends and attitudes.

If a customer was for instance looking to grow its ready meal range we’d speak with their chefs as to how the muscle reacts to different cooking techniques.

On the farming side, as we need to know that sufficient product will be available, we monitor calving data for Scottish born cattle and Aberdeen Angus cattle to ensure supply. 

Knowledge of farming

Our procurement team sources cattle from our farmers, many of whom have been our supply partners for years.

We have a strong relationship with these farmers and a shared commitment to achieving high levels of consistency and reliability for our customers.

We're always open to extending this network to those with a similar outlook.

As farmers ourselves we understand key issues from legislation to medicine, animal welfare to weather. We also breed and finish cattle on our own farms.

This knowledge ultimately benefits our customers as it ensures that only the best quality goes in to producing the 'best in beef'.

Our Capabilities

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