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Best in Quality

The name Stoddart’s has become synonymous with the best in beef.


Quality is assured because every step of the journey from animal husbandry and procurement to order fulfilment, is rigorously monitored and certificated.

Our expert butchery skills enable us to supply our customers with any beef product in either fresh or frozen form.

We trim to requirement and all our products are specifically created for our customers’ needs. 



All our cattle are born and raised on farm assured farms and transported by farm assured hauliers. Complete traceability is guaranteed.

We work closely with all of our farmers, most of whom we’ve known for a long time - so we know exactly where our cattle come from.

We know they have been well cared for. And our procurement team helps select cattle that are finished to optimum specification. We use Scotch beef PGI or Certified Aberdeen Angus beef. In fact, we are the largest processor of Certified Aberdeen Angus beef in the UK.


Care for our animals

Stress levels in an animal can adversely affect the quality of meat. We go to great lengths to minimise stress. All the cattle we process have been treated with respect and cared for.

When it comes to moving them we cajole rather than shove. We transport them humanely in peer batches. We bed them down on their final night leaving the lights on for comfort.

Our stockmen and drivers are farm assured as well. Visitors to our farm assured abattoir in Ayr have commented on how calm and stress-free the atmosphere is.

Best treatment makes a huge contribution to being 'best in beef'.

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Expertly processed to order

Expertly Processed In accord with our environmental policy we trunk the beef overnight to our specialist processing plant near Edinburgh.

It's here that we earn our reputation for premier butchery skills. The knowledge within the team means we can do the most intricate jobs.

Our trimming skills are unique. And we know which is the right muscle for the right product.

Our expertise means there's no need for our customers to have in-house butchers. They can rely on us.

We advise on the best cuts for ready meals and further processing, help customers achieve price points and educate buyers on the various options available. Our customers are not just in safe hands, they're in expert hands. 

Our Capabilities

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We are happy to have Stoddart's as a supplier who delivers what we agree every single time, and for that reason they are the Best in Beef.

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