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Service at Stoddart’s is both the icing on the cake of expertise and the glue that holds the company and its customers and supply partners together.

Our mission, which is heartfelt, is to procure, process and supply premium quality meat products to our valued customers at the right time, to the right standard and at the right price – every time.

And our vision is to maintain and develop
a customer base that would never contemplate changing their source of supply due to us fulfilling our mission consistently.

These of course are just words: but our people bear them out. As do our annual customer surveys, which consistently return high scores – with service ratings right at the top.  


Customer facing

Each of our customers has a designated key account manager. Our account managers are the face of Stoddart’s and take a hands-on approach.

They meet regularly with customers and review every aspect of the service we provide. It’s a relationship based on support and exacting standards.

We have a consistent customer base and a long-serving team, so the relationship is founded on an intimate knowledge of what is required for each customer.  

The account managers also update customers with significant market movements, highlighting any opportunities or challenges.


Supply partner facing 

Our procurement team bring many years of cattle and farm management experience to the table. The team has excellent relationships with the farmers who supply us.

They work closely together in the selection process, deciding on which of the herd are finished to optimum specification at any one point in time.

Huge trust has built up over the years of working together and new suppliers coming on board immediately feel the benefit of an extended family atmosphere.

Thanks to these strong and longstanding relationships there is a shared commitment to achieving the highest levels of consistency for our customers.

Behind the scenes

Driving the company forward and ensuring that it consistently delivers and remains customer-focused is a strong, dedicated Board of Executive Directors with a wealth and breadth of experience.

Owner and Managing Director Neil Stoddart OBE is a highly respected figure in the meat industry. A farm owner himself, he is past president of the Scottish Association of Meat Wholesalers, a former commissioner with the Meat and Livestock Commission and a former board member of Quality Meat Scotland. He is currently on the board of Scotland Food & Drink, the not-for-profit organisation created in 2007 to guide food and drink companies towards increased profitability.

Stoddart’s Executive Board is supported by a team comprising longstanding meat industry expertise working alongside newly trained and eager talent. The senior team oversee the smooth running and integration of every aspect of the operation from financial control through technical services to sales.

Clear and regular communication between all departments allows our customers to be fully informed of our capabilities as well as operations understanding what the demand is in the market.

Our Capabilities

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