Stoddart's support food and drink industry's Tasty Careers initiative

22nd of March 2013

Stoddart's support food and drink industry's Tasty Careers initiative

It can be difficult to start a career when you haven’t had the relevant training or experience – but if you don’t have a job in the industry, how can you get the experience?!

Stoddart’s remains committed to spotting fresh talent, welcoming individuals into our industry for the first time, and supporting them to achieve their career goals by helping them to develop their skills, knowledge and experience in a workplace setting.

In partnership with the National Skills Academy for Food and Drink, Stoddart's recently launched Tasty Careers, a ground-breaking initiative where six long-term unemployed job seekers from the local community were given the opportunity to learn about the industry, the way products are made, and gain job-specific skills. The two week course comprised of a mix of training sessions in a classroom environment, hands-on training and work experience. At the end of the programme participants were awarded certificates in Food Safety and Health and Safety, gained quality experience with a leading employer within the industry, and attend a real job interview. They finished ready for the job, with the right skills and knowledge.

Stoddart’s would like to congratulate Robbie Baxter, Zbigniew Gierszewski, Allan Miller, Brian Caldwell, John Binnie, and Stuart Westwood on successfully completing the Tasty Careers programme. All candidates should be immensely proud of their achievements. Further, we are pleased to announce that, as a result of their hard work, commitment, and enthusiasm, all six participants have since been offered and accepted jobs with Stoddart’s. We wish all candidates well with their future careers and hope they enjoy their time here at Stoddart's.

Thanks go to Scottish Meat Training, the National Skills Academy for Food and Drink, Skills Development Scotland, Improve, and staff at Broxburn Job Centre Plus for helping us to achieve this great result for all involved.

Article by Katie Heslop, Human Resources Manager




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