With 60 years of experience in the beef industry Stoddarts our customers know they can expect the highest quality produce. We are uniquely placed within the market that we can create bespoke customer products while still being able to generate scale - with the customer at the heart of all decisions.
We want our customers to love our products as much as we do, so our primary focus is always to meet, and where we can, surpass customer expectations. Due to the high standards we set ourselves our customers return year after year, a fact we take great pride in.

While we do have a range of standardised AK Stoddart's specifications and we also work closely with our customers to create customer specific specs.
As we produce the highest quality products our customer base is truly global. As every customer is completely unique our logistics team approach each order with an appropriate plan.

From single pallets to local wholesalers to full container loads half-way around the world, our teams work to ensure an efficient and timely end-to-end process.