We offer a broad selection of Bone-In and Boxed meat, which is primarily Scotch PGI or Certified Aberdeen Angus beef. With full DNA traceability on our Aberdeen Angus, our customers truly have full confidence in the meat we supply them. Our meat is stamped "Stoddart's Assured" giving our customers an additional level of confidence in the Scotch Meat they are buying.
We pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible and cut and trim every primal to your exact requirements. Whether it is weight graded, minimum and maximum fat level or marbling nothing is impossible. We have a range of specifications for you to choose from, although we are always willing to create a bespoke spec to suit your needs.
We are supplying more Bone In Beef than ever before, and it is no wonder when our customers see the quality. The range of Bone In we supply varies from full Carcass to 5 Bone Rib. Bone In Roastings are as popular as ever comprising of the Rump, Sirloin, Fillet and Ribeye. Additional details are increasingly becoming more important to our customers. In addition to whether the meat is CAA or Scotch Beef PGI - they are now looking for Breed and even Farmer details either to add to menus or offer their customers that little bit more information.
The controlled atmosphere of our Dry Aged Chamber adds a crust to the meat, drawing moisture out which in turn makes the beef even more flavourful. While at the same time the natural enzymes break down the tissue making the meat even more tender. Many of our customers purchase Bone In Beef from us to mature or dry age on their own premise, although not all have the facilities to mature onsite. We now offer a range of Dry Aged products that are selected and produced to your specific requirements and dry aged to suit your needs.
Our Further Processing plant is a state-of-the-art facility, currently producing 50 tonnes of delicious product per week.

Producing both Private Label and AK Stoddart branded products, the plant has capabilities to (but not limited to) manufacturing minced and diced beef, burgers, meat balls and even sliced steaks. Depending on the customer requirements products can be fresh or frozen.